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Building DoFollow Backlinks for Link Building in 2024

When it comes to search engine optimization, building high-quality backlinks is one of the most effective strategies for improving your site’s organic rankings. In this article, we’ll provide a clear and easy-to-follow guide on how to buy dofollow backlinks for your link building efforts.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Let’s start with the basics. A dofollow backlink is simply a hyperlink from one website to another that passes along its “link juice” or ranking authority. Search engines like Google see dofollow links as a vote of quality and will transfer some ranking signals from the linking page to the linked page.

Side-by-side comparison illustrating the differences between nofollow and dofollow links, highlighting the SEO benefits of dofollow links through distinct icons and color-coding.

In contrast, nofollow links are ones that search engines ignore when it comes to passing link equity. Blog and forum comment sections, for example, often use nofollow so users can’t abuse those areas for spammy link building.

While nofollow links don’t directly help rankings, they can still bring valuable traffic. The focus here, though, is on dofollow links which provide the direct SEO benefits we want for improved search visibility.

Why Buy Dofollow Backlinks?

There are a few key reasons marketers choose to buy dofollow links as part of their optimization process:

Image highlighting the advantages of buying dofollow backlinks, including a rankings boost, time savings, wide reach, and specialized niches, using icons to represent each benefit.

Rankings Boost: As mentioned, dofollow links pass ranking authority which tells search engines a page is high quality and relevant for search intent. The more authoritative links you obtain, the higher your rankings can climb over time.

Time Savings: Manually building natural backlinks can take a very long time versus simply purchasing links in bulk. Buying saves link building teams bandwidth for other projects.

Wide Reach: It’s difficult to secure links from thousands of different domains organically, but link packages allow you to cast a wide net for your money.

Specialized Niches: Some niches have very few websites with very targeted topics. Buying makes it easy to find niche-relevant sites for links.

Now that we understand the motivation, let’s look at how to safely buy dofollow links for SEO gains instead of potential penalties.

Factors to Consider When Buying Links

There are several factors website owners need to keep in mind to avoid risks:

Content Relevancy

Choose link sources whose content is highly related to your own site’s topic. General link directories without a theme don’t help convince search engines of relevancy.

Domain Authority

Look for sites with a reasonable domain authority (DA) score above 30 if possible. Linking from very low quality sites can do more harm than good.

Anchor Text Variety

Use a mix of branded anchor text and relevant keywords instead of keyword stuffed links for natural diversity.

Buy in Small Numbers

It’s safer and wiser to purchase batches of 10-20 links at a time to avoid sketchy seller behavior or coming off as suspicious to Google.

Avoid Penalty Risks

Don’t pay for placements in unrelated posts, hidden links, or auto-generated content that could appear unnatural.

Check Seller Reviews

Do research on trusted link brokers with many happy long-term customers to reduce risk of issues after the purchase.

Keeping these best practices in mind will maximize link building ROI while minimizing the chance of problems. The goal is to look natural, avoid spammy techniques, and signal relevance, not manipulate results.

Where to Source Quality Backlinks

With the understanding that lower risk comes from high quality sources, here are some of the best places to purchase dofollow backlinks:

Guest Posts: Writing insightful articles for authority sites in your industry. Come with bio links and social sharing usually.

Web 2.0 Properties: Sites like SlideShare, Infographics sites where links are expected and relevant.

Niche Forums: Reputable forums where discussions happen, but avoid blatant one-link posts.

Business Directory Sites: Like Yelp, Foursquare, Manta – claim your Business Page and add links.

Industry Association Sites: Many professional groups allow member profiles allowing natural linking.

Content Aggregator Sites: Like Medium, LinkedIn where bylined thought leadership earns dofollows.

Forum/Blog Discussions: Comment thoughtfully tying in your helpful solutions or tools.

The key is focusing on placements optimized naturally for readers primarily, not search bots. Combining various smaller efforts is far less risky than buying bulk article links. Always check reputations thoroughly.

Executing a Link Building Strategy

Now that you understand how to safely source relevant links, here are the steps to actually implementing a buyable dofollow backlink strategy:

  • Audit your site to identify key target keywords and topic categories to focus on.
  • Research potential sites to guest post, comment or list your business/profile within those niches.
  • Contact editors or administrators to pitch your value proposition in a concise, unselfish manner.
  • Negotiate terms including anchor text rules and publishing deadlines if accepted.
  • Prioritize the strongest placements first to build early momentum.
  • Monitor links over 3-6 months and disavow any that disappear or violate guidelines.
  • Evaluate impact on traffic and rankings to determine next niche categories to target.
  • Ongoing relationship building will provide an evergreen stream of fresh, natural backlinks over time.

Combining bought links with substantial original content sharing across the web will yield the best sustainable long tail results for your organic search performance. Stick to quality, avoid hidden links, and be helpful, not deceptive, to users.


In summary, dofollow backlinks remain an important piece of linking strategy when done wisely and safely from high-quality sites.

Visually appealing conclusion image summarizing key takeaways, with icons or illustrations reinforcing the importance of relevance, diversity, and user experience in dofollow backlink strategies.

Focus on relevance, diversity in anchor text and sources, and think like readers not search engines. Guest posting, forum comments and niche directories provide less risky buys than random article placements if you pick trusted vendors following best practices outlined here.

Pay attention to user experience above all else for ongoing SEO and marketing wins. Let me know if any part needs more explanation!

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