How to Find Cool Websites for Guest Posting: 6 Super Easy Tips


Hey there! Have you ever heard about guest posting? It’s like when you get to write awesome stories or facts for other people’s websites. And guess what? It’s super cool for both the people who write and the ones who own the websites. Let me tell you why!

Guest blogging is like a lively party where everyone brings something unique and exciting to share

Briefly introduce the concept of guest posting and its importance.

So, guest posting is when you share your cool ideas on someone else’s website. It’s like having a big party where everyone brings something amazing. For the person who owns the website, it’s like getting surprise gifts filled with interesting stuff.

Highlight the benefits of guest blogging for both bloggers and website owners.

For you, the writer, it’s like becoming a superhero with more friends and fans. And for the website owner, it’s like having a magical treasure chest filled with awesome stories and knowledge.

For website owners, guest blogging is like having a magical treasure chest filled with diverse and captivating stories.

Section 1: Understanding Guest Posts and Guest Blogging

What are guest posts and guest blogging?

Guest posts are like special articles written by someone who isn’t part of the website. It’s like having a friend visit and share cool stuff. And guest blogging is when lots of friends share their fantastic stories on different websites.

Why is guest blogging valuable for individuals and businesses?

Imagine becoming a hero in something you love, like gaming or telling funny jokes. That’s what guest blogging does for you! And for businesses, it helps them become famous and trusted by more people.

Section 2: Becoming a Successful Guest Blogger

Setting specific, achievable goals.

Think of goals like missions in a video game. Whether it’s getting more people to read your stories or making more friends, setting goals helps you become a guest blogging champion.

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Choosing topics that align with your business goals.

Picking topics is like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream. Make sure it matches what you love and what your friends (audience) would enjoy.

Section 3: Finding Reputable Guest Blogging Sites

Leverage lists of websites that accept guest posts.

Imagine having a magical map that shows you where all the treasure (cool websites) is. Lists online do just that! They guide you to websites that love having guest bloggers.

Google your search terms to find guest blogging websites.

It’s like being a detective searching for hidden clues. Use Google to find websites that want your amazing stories.

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Search for guest blogging websites in reverse.

Ever played hide and seek? Find where your friends (competitors) are hiding their stories, and you’ll discover cool places to share yours!

Use tools to help you find guest posting opportunities.

Tools are like sidekicks helping superheroes. BuzzSumo, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are your superhero tools, guiding you to amazing places to share your stories.

Section 4: Conducting Guest Blogging Outreach

The importance of effective outreach in guest blogging.

Sending messages is like inviting friends to your birthday party. Make it friendly and exciting, so they can’t wait to have your stories on their website.

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Strategies for reaching out to potential guest blogging sites.

Imagine you’re writing a letter to a friend. Tell them why your stories are super cool and why their readers will love them too!

Section 5: Writing the Guest Post

Tips and guidelines for creating a high-quality guest post.

Writing is like drawing a fantastic picture with words. Use tips and make your story sparkle. And remember, make it fit the website’s style!

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The importance of aligning content with the host site’s audience.

It’s like sharing your favorite games with friends who love games. Make sure your stories match what your new friends (the website’s readers) enjoy.

Section 6: Tracking Results Over Time

The significance of monitoring the performance of your guest posts.

Remember those cool missions you set? Check how well you’re doing in the game of guest blogging. See how many friends (readers) love your stories!

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Tools and methods for tracking the success of your guest blogging efforts.

Use special tools like Google Analytics. It’s like a magic crystal ball showing you how many people love your stories and where they’re coming from.


Yay, you made it to the end! Remember, guest blogging is like having an awesome adventure with friends. You get to share cool stories and make more friends along the way. So, be a superhero guest blogger and have a blast!

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Summarise key points.

Guest blogging is like a big, fun party where everyone brings something cool. Set goals, choose exciting topics, and make lots of new friends!

Reinforce the benefits of guest blogging.

For you, it’s like becoming a superhero with more fans. For websites, it’s like having a treasure chest full of amazing stories.

Encourage readers to implement the tips provided.

Ready for the adventure? Go out there, share your awesome stories, and become the coolest guest blogger ever!


  1. How often should I guest post?
  • Just like playing your favorite game, do it when you’re ready and excited. Quality matters more than quantity.
  1. Are there specific topics better for guest blogging?
  • Pick topics that make you excited! Share what you love, and your new friends (readers) will love it too.
  1. Should I only write for famous websites?
  • Nah! Mix it up. Write for websites you love, whether big or small. It’s about having fun!
  1. How do I make my outreach emails fun?
  • Pretend you’re writing to a pen pal. Be friendly, tell them why you’re awesome, and why they’d love your stories.
  1. Can I use emojis in my guest posts?
  • Totally! Emojis are like sprinkles on ice cream – they make everything more fun!
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