The Importance of Turnaround Time When Guest Posting

When it comes to digital marketing these days, guest posting is one tool in our toolkit that can really help boost a business’ online presence. While there are lots of factors that make guest posts successful, one piece of the puzzle that’s often overlooked is something called “TAT” or turnaround time. Now, I know what you’re thinking – sounds boring! But hear me out because TAT actually plays a huge role in how much value guest posts can provide.

turnaround time?

So what exactly is turnaround time?

Simply put, it’s how long the whole guest posting process takes from start to finish. From initially reaching out to a blog or site, hashing out the details, writing the post, editing it, and finally getting it published – all of that contributes to the TAT. And here’s why it really matters – the faster that timeline is, the better results you’re going to see.

Search engines like Google love fresh, up-to-date content. A quicker TAT means your post gets indexed in search right away while the topic is still relevant. It also allows you to hop on industry trends or conversations before they’re old news. Guest posting is also a great way to build professional relationships, but you definitely don’t want to leave people waiting around! A prompt TAT shows you’re easy to work with.

A few things can impact the timeline, like how long it takes you to research and write high-quality posts. Networking and negotiating with sites takes coordination too. Once submitted, blogs need time for editorial reviews as well. The good news is there are also ways to optimize the process. Creating clear content briefs ahead of time, streamlining communication, and being flexible all help speed things up.

So in summary, don’t overlook turnaround time if you want guest posts to deliver maximum value for your business. A quick timeline means better SEO, topical content, and strong relationships – all important for boosting visibility online. With some planning and efficiency, you can learn to maximize this aspect of guest blogging.

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